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Get Delicious, Fresh Minnesota Shrimp in Danube, MN


Farm-Fresh Shrimp to Create Delectable Dishes

At the Shrimp Shop, we believe that fresh shrimp shouldn’t just be for coastal dwellers, and we’re out to prove it. Located in Danube, MN, miles and miles from the ocean, we produce tasty, natural, and fresh shrimp at our family-run farm. Using a tank-growing method that allows for easy control of water quality, we produce superior shrimp when compared to frozen options and those grown in southern hatcheries. We’ve partnered with a local Minnesota shrimp hatchery to bring area residents 100% Minnesota grown, White Pacific shrimp. You’ll taste the difference upon the first bite and feel confident using our shrimp to cook dinner for your family. Give us a call to learn more or to place your order today. You can pick up your shrimp order right at our location and take it straight home to your kitchen.

cooked shrimp

Experience the Difference of Fresh, Farm-Raised Shrimp

Living in Minnesota, you’ve likely had to settle for frozen shrimp from the supermarket. Your only chance at truly fresh shrimp came from seaside getaways and vacations to other parts of the country. Now, that is a thing of the past. At the Shrimp Shop, we bring fresh shrimp to residents of our Midwest state. We believe the luxury of fresh seafood is for all and are committed to bringing your family the best in shrimp. You’ll notice all of the following when you purchase fresh shrimp from our Danube, MN farm:

  • Better taste: Our shrimp boasts a superior flavor and texture that can’t be matched by frozen or imported shrimp. You’ll taste the difference immediately.
  • Healthier option: Since our shrimp are grown in tanks, they’re fed by healthier water free of harmful pollution, heavy metals, and other contaminants found in ocean water and southern hatcheries.
  • Sustainable growth: Our tank-growing method provides a sustainable alternative that’s easy on to the environment.

Place Your Order Today

  • We’re able to fulfill your requests for fresh shrimp in Danube, MN. Call the Shrimp Shop today or use our website to place an order. We’ll give you a call to get your payment and have your fresh shellfish ready for pickup at our farm in no time.

    Please note, we can not guarantee shrimp will be ready at any given time.

    We will always do our best to fulfill your order. To ensure that we have what you need in stock, give us a call first at 507-237-6442.

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  • Don't forget to bring a cooler for pickup!