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Bringing Fresh Shrimp to Minnesota

Raising healthy meat sources is part of our tradition at the Shrimp Shop. Run by a third-generation pullet farmer, our family-run farm in Danube, MN has branched out to bring the local community something it’s never seen before, 100% Minnesota grown White Pacific shrimp! Using our expansive poultry farm, we raise shrimp in a tank environment, which allows us to control the water quality directly, and in turn, directly manage the health and safety of your shrimp. Unlike wild shrimp, farm-raised shrimp are not exposed to pollution, heavy metals, and other contaminants found in ocean water. This means a healthier, better tasting product for our customers. You’ll taste the difference immediately as our sustainably-grown shrimp boasts a superior flavor and texture that frozen and imported shrimp just can’t match.


From Our Family to Yours

At the Shrimp Shop, we’re a family of innovators, and we’re not afraid to try something new. We’ve recognized that there’s a need for fresh, delicious shrimp even in landlocked states, and we’re here to give Danube, MN residents the flavorful food benefits that come from living seaside. At our farm, you’ll see three generations of our family working side-by-side to bring you superior products. We ensure that the food you purchase from us meets the highest standards of what we ourselves would eat and feed to our loved ones. We understand that producing delicious and healthy animal products starts at the source, with us providing the proper care throughout the growth cycle. You can trust that our products are the absolute best you can feed your family.

Taste the Difference

Wild-caught shrimp and those produced in southern shrimp hatcheries cannot match the quality of our locally grown option. With our farm-raised shrimp, you get superior seafood quality, right in your own community. Our shrimp is better, and you’ll understand why upon first taste. Visit us today to purchase our tasty shrimp by the pound!

Experience the Difference of Fresh, Farm-Raised Shrimp