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Providing Fresh Farm-Raised Shrimp in Danube, MN

Shrimp raised on a farm can be just as delicious as those caught fresh from the waters of our ocean, especially if you get your shrimp from our locally owned farm in Danube, MN. We grow farm-raised shrimp sustainably at the Shrimp Shop, using specialized tanks where shrimp can thrive. You may be thinking that raising shrimp in Minnesota, hundreds of miles from the ocean, sounds ridiculous, but with the right procedures and the proper know-how, we’re able to produce fresh shrimp for your family to enjoy. We utilize some of the industry’s latest methods to provide tasty, natural, and healthy shrimp that comes directly from our farm to your table. Give us a call or stop by and see us to learn more. You’ll taste the difference upon the first bite.

Raising Fresh Shrimp, Right Here in Minnesota

You’ve never had seafood this fresh in Minnesota before. Even though we’re miles from the ocean, our farming process allows us to produce shrimp that’s as fresh as if you lived seaside. Using tank-growing methods, we provide the freshest shrimp you can get in Danube, MN. Our process produces all of the following benefits:

Easy control of water

Since our shrimp are cared for in tanks, we have direct control of the quality of water used in their production and work hard to ensure the water stays clean and healthy. This is unlike wild-caught shrimp that may be subject to harsh pollution and other environmental factors due to exposure to contaminated ocean water.

Cared for by farmers

Wild-caught shrimp don’t have a farmer to help them grow and thrive. At our family farm, our shrimp our cared for by our family, ensuring they grow healthily before they reach your table. This produces better shrimp for everyone.

Fresh, never frozen

Living in Minnesota, there aren’t many options for fresh seafood. Often, we settle for frozen options found at the local supermarket, but now you don’t have to. Our shrimp is raised locally, right here on our family farm, so you can take it home right away and enjoy it at peak freshness.

Visit Our Farm Today!

Whether you’re looking for fresh shrimp for your family to enjoy or you need an order for a dinner party, we’re able to fulfill your request at the Shrimp Shop. Providing farm-raised shrimp to the Danube, MN community is our new passion, and we’re ready to feed your family. Give us a call or stop by our farm to learn more about our process or to place an order.

Experience the Difference of Fresh, Farm-Raised Shrimp